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Programme Review: WorldProfit

Well, pretty slick. Over 70 online "monitors" live 24/7, 365 days/year.

Motive? Sell the Silver package. $99.95 a month, 30 day trial, but what they don't tell you it is for a full 12 months or one year, as a contract, totaling $1,199.40. Wow! A very elaborate scam to be sure! I was almost had myself, but I decided to really look at it and see what I could find.

Does it work, still trying to work that out by contacting upline, and upline's upline and so on.

And now look at the horror: (found this on

Don't know if any of you heard of World Profit or not, but I just had a bad experience with this company and just want to warn anybody if they ever decide to join this program.

What they basically are trying to do is sell you the Silver package. Which consiste of a website, domain name, and 25 prospects, with 500 email leads.

It sounded good until you realize that you are supposed to call the 25 prospects and get them to buy the Silver package as well.

Not to mention the Silver package costs $1,199.40. They made it easy for you to own it by allowing you to pay that amount over 12 months period. However, if you decide this program is not for you and want to get out of it, this is what you will find in your inbox:

This letter serves as written notice of legal proceedings against you for NON Payment of your LOAN from Worldprofit, Inc.

According to our files you financed the full cost for your package of $1,199.40 over 12 monthly payments of $99.95. We show that you have made 3 payments which leaves a balance due on your account of $899.55.

Our cancellation policy allows you to terminate the financing on the total loan abount above for 30% of that total NOT including ANY previous payments. Therefore, you may cancel upon payment of $359.82.

The deadline to pay either your monthly payment or the cancellation fee is the end of business on: Thursday August 31, 2006

To make a payment by credit card or using PayPal and STOP legal proceedings.

You notice that in order to get out you will have to pay additional charge of $359.82. In other words you can't leave if you don't pay or you will get sued.

They sent that notice to me after I informed them that I wanted out of the program. But because I didn't have $359.92 I allowed them to charge my credit card $99.95 monthly fee without protest. However, the next month they are back again threatening to sue me. I had assumed that they were just going to go ahead and charge me monthly so I was pretty shocked to see that email again in my inbox. So this is what you will encounter if you join and want out of the program later.

The truth is this program really doesn't offer anything but the silver package. The silver package all it is is another way for you to sell that package to someone else, Besides that there is really no value in it.

You are required to call all your 25 prospects about attending Dr Lants webcast. The webcast function is just to sell the Silver package. But if none of your 25 prospects converted, then you have to buy more prospects from their system. The newsletter function the same way, it encourages people to attend the webcast and then buy the silver package.

I basically got tired of calling these people and have none but one of them show at the webcast and no one purchased the package. After three months of chasing these people I just got tired of doing the same old thing and have nothing to show for it.

But that's when I find out that when you decide to leave and not pay, Boy did they sink their teeth at me then.

So be warned, unless you are great at selling the $1,199.40 silver package, you best stay away from this program. Because you will end up paying $1,199.40 plus interest or if paying monthly 30% of the balance.

So take my experience and hope you don't repeat it,

Too sorry, too late.

Ok now, js is back and.... wow! Any programme Admin that fools you into a $100 trial, then tries to sue you for canceling? That's just not good! In fact, revolting! Now let's continue our research:

Ok, so re the above? That was a few years ago. Now they offer all kinds of goodies and freebies, even traffic to your website. But still, what is the actual PRODUCT? It is the SILVER PACKAGE! So what we have here is what most scam promote: they come up with a system, tell folks the system will help them build their list or sell their products, but really, how you will be making money is to re-sell the system itself! So it's like a recursive loop! To make money sell the system. Not what the system offers, but the potential, and so? Sell the system, sell the system, sell the system! Ugh! Unfortunately, sometimes this works. But in this case the price seems to be too high as after the 30 days you are locked in for a full year.

But you know? If you do join the programme and are not earning money after about 1.5 months? You can always call the Credit Card Company you are with and cancel all further payments, saying product is not being delivered as promised, Also, if you have a checking account from which they are withdrawing the monthly $99.95? Change it or instruct your bank to refuse payments. I think the e-mail threats they send out can be ignored. Or pretty sure.

Here is yet another good (business) analysis of this programme:


I investigated the world profit model and was disappointed that the sales mechanism, seems to be biased toward the operator not the client and it really should be a client model.

The marketing strategy has some glaring inconsistencies, that frankly are offensive.

I imagine that you are making some money however at what cost.

Every single average, individual that I interviewed lost money when investing in this service, the true secret to building wealth online is in longevity not short term profits, successful business owners have known this for some time now.

People are hungry for a real opportunity and so will invest in something that sounds good.

The sad part is that most people cannot profit from the service offered by world profit and this is simply because the business model used is a proven failure, both by statistics and by the numbers, actuarially, (an accounting term) the structure benefits the Doc not the client.

I even Interviewed the good doctor, who responded more like a child than an adult and while I could publish his email to me, I find that I would be embarrassed (for the Doc) to reveal such a poor child like response to legitimate questions.

It takes a real man or women to be able to hear the truth and respond as an adult, even if you dont really like what someone has to say.

The main reason why I took the time to write you is, that even if you are making money with this, the people who fail and the percentage is very high in this opportunity, will remember who recommended the opportunity and never trust you again.

This is a dangerous method of making money because it always ends the same, eventually what will happen is that you will find it more and more difficult to achieve sales in any program that you promote, because people talk and once the word spreads and it will, you can count on human behavior in that regard, you will find that your reputation is really the most valuable piece of property you can own in this Internet world.

I believe that it is important to stand against these type of failure driven opportunities simply because we know the truth and we owe it to the new people who fall for this type of marketing to warn them, morally we have a duty to expose this type of evil where ever it is.

You can talk about how long the Doc has been in business, (which proves nothing more than a lack of a conscious,) and how much money has been made, but show me even one hundred, people who have become wealthy in the last year.

Ok cant do that, well then how about ten, ( 10 ) people in the last 30 days that have built wealth, you cant do that either.

I know it is easy to buy into these type of business models and it is even easier to convince yourself you are doing good, but really you are hurting good people by supporting this company.

And here's a comment from the TOP DEALER in WorldProfit, which is quite positive, and realize he's the TOP DEALER (or was), ok?

I'm Jim Carpenter and I've been with Worldprofit since 1998, now in my 10th year. Over the years, I've talked to a lot of people who have failed over and over again. At Worldprofit, the 3 co-founders are dedicated to working with you to helping you become successful. Obviously, you have to do your part.

The main reason why I've been with Worldprofit, as their Top Dealer, I might add, for 9+ years, is because of their honesty, loyalty, superb products and services and daily support. Everything is right there for you to read, videos to watch and we invite you to do it FREE, BEFORE getting involved. At the time of ordering, you MUST accept the agreement. By the way, you MUST accept the agreement BEFORE the order will even go through. PLUS, we are right out there with our names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. We're there to help you!

But, as with anything in life, you are going to have those who do not follow the system and then blame the company. This is very upsetting to those of us who do work hard to make a successful business and who want to help others do the same.

I just want to go on record and say that I am proud to be a Dealer with Worldprofit and that I highly encourage anyone to come to and sign up as a FREE Associate and come to a FREE LIVE webcast with Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Worldprofit CEO, and decide for yourself.

It upsets me that someone may read the above negative post and not join us. You are missing out on a sensational business. Give yourself the opportunity to join an awesome company. Please keep in mind that there will always be someone that's not happy when you are dealing with thousands of people. Don't let 1 or 2 people ruin your chances for tremendous success.

I'll be watching for you in the LIVE Business Center!

And I fully agree with the below viewpoint and analysis:

Amazing that Mr. Carpenter and Jeffy himself felt the need to grace this thread with their opinions (with links to their respective associate sites). Aside from them, I find it very difficult to take the personal experiences of those that claim to have succeeded in this company or any similar organization at face value, and they certainly are not valid proofs of an organization's honesty, sustainability, or most importantly, of their worthiness of your investment.

Of course there are those that are successful, there must be for it to be sustainable for even a short period of time and maintain any sort of public presence. If no associate made any money then why would anyone else ever join? That, however, is beside the point.

Yes, people do seem to for some reason enter into an agreement with companies like this for better or for worse, most often not knowing the full details of what their obligations will be, what actual product is being presented, or if there is even a product at all, under the pretense that this company provides such an amazing service or product that people will literally be throwing money at you right out of their wallet to get their hands on it. And, of course, amazingly, people bite.

Notice what I've watched Mr. Lant and Mr. Carpenter do for the last few days...sat in a public webcam chat channel on their website where they claim to CLOSE YOUR DEALS FOR YOU. CLose what deals? Oh, that's right, all they do is order people to watch their recruitment video, full of vague promises of booming business and cash flowing like wine, and are offered no other instruction other than to consider what package they're going to buy.

How do those people get to the "Live Business Center"? Well that package you buy gets you an affiliate website that points right back there, and you're responsible for getting people there and buying the package. Hell I just heard Mr. Carpenter say just that a few minutes ago. You're paying them for the opportunity to get other people to pay for the opportunity to get other people to pay...what kind of circuitous deal is that? How is this beneficial to anyone not at the top or anyone not willing to fleece unsuspecting rubes? How is this even a "business" in the loosest definition of the term? Why are they wearing the same clothes they had on yesterday and why is Jim's desk surrounded by a pile of dirty laundry?

Caveat Emptor indeed. You'll probably hear them say that, or something like it themselves. But just because buyers should be taking full responsibility for where their money goes and who they choose to give it to, does not mean this is a meaningful, responsible organization that contributes anything at all to society and is worth anything more than words on the internet.

I know most of this has been said before and to anyone with passing knowledge of MLM it is old hat, but it really can't be said enough.

One more testimonial:

My friend who just quit and never paid the fee,gets hit with bill collectors but he never got paid commission on people he joined and they resold his website, i said they wont do anything to them because they resold his website and never paid a commission, i said fight them back with that.

Dr lant is a horses ass,he isnt as successful as he says he is,he is just a rude,creepy old man who is miserable. He said he has made millionas and millions,if he was that successful would he be hustling people everyday, no he wouldnt world profits is crap,stay away from it.

Ok, ok! One final one, posted on Jan 4th, 2010.

As a member of a popular traffic exchange I received an offer from an organisation named Worldprofit which promised 50,000 free visitors to a website of your choice for free if you sign up as a free associate member with no obligation.

Worldprofit is apparently a Canadian company, but they charge in US dollars for paid memberships. I signed up as a free member. When I logged in I immediately ended up in a chat room with a live operator on webcam, unexpectedly calling my name. The operator ultimately wanted me to pay $99.95 to pay for 1 months trial of their silver package which is supposed to be an amazing money making and work from home opportunity / home business opportunity where staff are constantly there monitoring and helping you make money throughout.

If this is the case, it actually sounds good, but I’ve seen so many failed money making schemes that I’m extremely sceptical and careful, I demand to see results before I spend my hard earned money.

I was bombarded by messages, trying to persuade me to pay $99.95 along with another time sensitive offer. It was obviously all one sided, telling me that it’s an amazing offer and that I will certainly make money if I pay it. They went on talking about how much support members get from the staff and how this work from home scheme is better than anything else.

Another staff member kept asking me to go to a private chat room where I received more hard sell. I felt very awkward as if I’d wasted their time, almost guilty and I believe that’s a technique used to sell the product.

To get my free 50,000 website visits I was told I have to attend a 15 minute live webcast hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, the same person who hosted the video. The live webcast is once a day and to qualify for your free credits you had to attend the entire webcast from start to finish.

I made sure I was there early and entered the webcast chat room to listen to another 15 minutes of extreme hard sell from Dr. Jeffrey Lant. He then told us to return to the main chat room where the real hard sell began. I cannot review the actual product offered, but it’s a fact that Worldprofit have ripped me off 50,000 free web-site visits and have banned me for simply complaining about it (Update: well it was at the time of writing – please read my comments as I’ve now had some free credits after complaining in writing).

They certainly sell very hard using clever tried and tested techniques. It’s a fact that one of the main products people are encouraged to sell is the system itself, this is therefore a pyramid scheme as there will always be a lot more people at the bottom who lose out as the system becomes saturated, but they do say there’s other products and various other money making opportunities too.

They say you get around £400 worth of products to keep for the initial $99.95 outlay, but they are mainly Ebooks with master reseller rights. I have tried to sell similar Ebooks on Ebay in the past and have struggled to get £1 for one despite their apparent worth.

From experience people rarely pay for marketing Ebooks like this and it’s in my opinion a way to make people think they are getting much more than they really are in value. Because members get money from selling the product itself, many reviews are likely to be very biased and one sided across the Internet as they link to affiliate links.

So if I had not done the research or DD, I would have lead some sheep to the slaughter, as they say. Said to say that this programme is not a good one, as I thought I was finally going to make some good money! But that is not the case with this (well, it could have been, but then .... all reputation lost and some guy would be sent to bite my dog's head off!). (grin). js

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