Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't drink and click! So why did you do this to me? huh?

Ok I have a holiday present for you! Not to worry, it's entirely gratis and no commitment from you.

Am going to send you to a place where you can get 25,000 banner impressions for your favorite... whatever it is you are pushing, ok? And I paid for this present. Well, no, another guy did. haha! But I would have! Except he offered to me and to you so I don't see why we can't take advantage of this. OK? (Oh and shhhh.... you get entered into a matrix and you may make some dough....)

Now... I have only 100 positions PAID FOR, ok? So best be quick! And don't drink and click! And am making this gift available to folks reading my blog first (and then via my ALERT service), then at my Ad Exchange, and if I have any left? To my List Jumper folks.

So here are the instructions:

1. Click on this link: http://my-big-secret.com/micronuts/MatrixReversal-blogspot
2. Click on CLICK HERE in blinking neon red/pink.
3. Fill out the form, then click on the Join MatrixReversal.com. button, bottom left.
4. On the next page DON'T pay. Just click on Contact Us, top right. In the Subject line put: js paid for my membership. As well put this in the body if you like.
5. Submit. You should have your membership information sent to you in 24 hours.

I should hope that the above is crystal clear!

Enjoy! js.

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