Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2009: Social Networks will reign, so get to know how to interact now!

Social Networking. I really do feel that in 2009 if you are not on the bandwagon of Social Networking? You will seriously lose out. That is the trend these days.

You see, folks are not very social these days out on the street, but in the virtual world of the Internet? They are! So... if you are trying to make a living off of selling things to folks? Social Networking is it. Starting right now.

But... do not fall into the hole of pitching to folks at these sites. Why? It's like entering a party and starting to tell everyone you can find what it is you are selling and who you are. If this were to happen at a physical party? Guess what? You'd be ignored and maybe even shouted at.

So what do you do? It's actually quite simple. You enter a discussion like you would at any party. You'd listen to the other folks, comment on what they are saying, and maybe lead the conversation to where you want it. Meaning, getting them to ask you what you are doing for a living, or better yet, inviting them to visit your house. What house? It's a virtual world, right? Well, your BLOG is your house. So if you don't have one yet? Create one at blogger.com or wordpress.com or some other site that offers you free blogging accounts.

Then... populate your house with all the things that a person would see when actually visiting you in your house. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Get it? Knick knacks... And tell folks about yourself, your family, your dreams, your trials and tribulations... But also have a section on what you do for a living, like sell cars and trucks, or sell photos, or you walk dogs... Folks may not like what you are interested in though. So?

Well, those folks have a circle of influence, their friends and acquaintances. So... if you were polite and understanding, and listened well enough and even complimented your BLOG/house visitors then they are likely to recommend you to one of their friends if an interest comes up as a topic of discussion which may allow them to involve you. You see? Now go and do it.

One more thing, come to think of it. Brand yourself! Go to godadday.com or some other registrar, and look for PaulBrown.com or PaulBrown.tv and if youre name is Paul Brown and it is available? Grab it! Then use that to point to your blog at least! Just like I did. So now you can find my blog via JohnStankiewicz.com, which am going to start to use more frequently to create recognition. You should do the same. Hey blondie! How about Blondie.net? If it is available? haha!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Good Advise, J.S.!

I consider myself somewhat of a misanthrope, but LOVE the socialization the net and blogging offer. While my commercial needs may border on the Scroogish, when I do have need, I will try to go through any of my new-found 'friends'-- aka fellow bloggers. 75% of these I 'met' just as you described-- bantering with them via comments on their posts-- which in turn i contacted by linking to their posts through similar interests in our profiles!
When I eventually move to the boonies, I expect this form of social interaction to become an even bigger part, if not a downright necessity, of that existence (e.g. asking advise on some troublesome task, etc.)
Some good advise on your post, friend. Keep it coming...

More soon.


Cat Melton said...

Hey, js, good informative post. It's awesome meeting so many people with at least a few things in common, and yet very diverse at the same time. Makes for a very interesting time.

Later friend,

js said...

Of course I can't take all the credit. Others are saying the same thing. More and more. And it's just common sense.

Thanks for the comments.