Sunday, November 16, 2008

Favorites: Ok, I want to hear/read your favorites, ok?

Favorites: Ok, I want to hear/read your favorites, ok? So send them to me and I will post them with your full name, address, and phone number. I’ll even tell folks where your sister lives.

My favorite forum: CollectiveInvestmentsForum or CIF for short. I love the folks there. Honesty, integrity, no cheerleaders that I have come across.... one of the best forums you could visit. On the other side of the scale TalkGold would be my worst. In fact, I rarely go there. I would have to be dragged there!

My favorite food: guacamole, anything with it, including dead chickens.

My favorite drink: vokdka, but that's killing me softly.

My favorite movie: Terminator or maybe the Prince's Bride.

My favorite car that I ever owned: Lexus SC400, hands down!

My favorite cat: Taipan, a Siamese. Very smart, very demanding of affection. And a traitor when he abandoned me for another guy when I was living in an Ashram in Quebec. Then he jumped out of his body, spent 20 minutes crawling all over his new buddy in the meditation room, and then left without a goodbye! But I still love him.

My favorite person: that would have to be my daughter, Kyra. I just love her unconditionally.

My favorite scam programme: That would have to be Premium Compounder! Am $100 in profit! Or thereabouts.

My favorite song: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

My favorite Spiritual Practice: ACIM or A Course in Miracles. Why? Mainly because dead Gurus can't kick my ass!

My favorite TV series: LOST, without a doubt! Fascinating! You can see all four seasons for free here:

My favorite saying: The world is dog shit.

My favorite way to make money: well, it's not sex, if that's what you're thinking, as you have a dirty, dirty, grimy mind. What's the question again?

My favorite vitamin supplement or anti-oxidant: MicroHydrin. Hands down! And I would add MSM to that. Oh and a B12/B-Complex Liquid extract! Keep them nerves in shape from the .. um... my favorite drink damage!

Ok, you get the idea. Now get back to me with your favorites!


MI - (Mission Impossible) said...

Missi's Favorites

My favorite forum: Havent had much time visiting them to claim a favourite.

My favorite food: Most things hot or spicy, indian/asian ... although nothing really beats a good roast lamb ....

My favorite drink: Coffee when Im being responsible, Vodka with lemonade (good slice of lemon preferred) when Im not.

My favorite movie: Requiem of the Dream, Pink Floyd - The Wall, Wolf Creek, He Died With a Falafel in his Hand, Kill me Later ... none of which I recommended for the sensitive

My favorite car that I ever owned: My HOnda Prelude that I recently sold to fundmy interstate move Boohoohoohoo!!! I miss my baby car.... ok thats lame.

My Favourite car : 2005 Mercedes Sports 500 Sl ... ohwhat dreams are made of.

My favorite cat: Jingles ... a big fat black and white lump I owned many, many years ago that ran away during a move. He was big,affectionate and lazy. But now I have

My Favourite Budgie : Chuckles. Hes a clever birdie with a big vocab. Hes its on me and we talk often.

My favorite person: I am also bias in saying my daughter Zoe. She is a true gem in my life.

My favorite scam? Hahahaha like we a favourite one of them.

programme: then its 10 DollarsWonder hands down for me .. and not because of my position there

My favorite song: There are a few ... Forever Now - Cold Chisel, Mr. Jones - Counting Crows, Vincent - Don McLean .. oh look honestly the list couldgo on .. lets just say music is my favourite of all tomake a short list.

My favorite Spiritual Practice:
Hmmmm ..... deep one. Undefined.

My favorite TV series: Sex & The City rocks at th top!!! Outrageous Fortune

My favorite saying: If you what you've always done ... then you'll get what you've always gotten.

My favorite way to make money: It would have to be the printer (just kidding) they wont let me make it this way .. its illegal so instead I have to work so someone else can give me less than I think I deserve. I love my job waiting table funnily enough.

My favorite vitamin supplement or anti-oxidant: Thats just too hard to remember every day ... I dont like taking pills and potions ... quite a dumb sounding comment coming from a cigarette smoker when I think of it (blush)

Now how many sisters are you going to

FULL NAME : MISS Missi Mission Impossible MI

ADDRESS : 2 Far-From-U Parade

And can you tell them where my brother is too cuz I dont want him to feel left out??? :-P

js said...

You're too funny missy! Thanks for the list!


Sorry got to it so late.