Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PROGRAMME REVIEW: drivenrapidwealth.com

Yet another good place where you can advertise your opps.


Well, looks like it is being run by the SFIpay folks, so not a small time shop operation.

But it is also a profit sharing programme. Most start ok and then fizzle in a few months. But this one has shares (ad packages) that expire once they reach 200% ROI. So this one may last longer.

And it seems that they have been around since last December. Most other profit sharing programmes have crashed within two to three months (mainly because the shares never expired and so the percent earned each day kept going down and down until folks lost interest and this is not the case here).

They accept their own Pay Processor SFIPay, AlertPay, and e-gold.

The reason I have joined is in order to advertise my other opps (PlugInProfits, JustFollowOurLead, Millionaire Project and my own blog) rather than as a money making opportunity.

But you can do both. I expect it to last at least another couple of months, maybe more.

I'll leave you to go to the site yourself and click on the Plans link to see how you get paid and what type of advertising packages they have. The min. cost of an ad package is ten dollars. Oh and you are limited to purchasing one Ad Package per day (and it expires at some point).

PS: If you need an SFIPay account? Use this link (it's free to sign up): https://www.sfipay.com?r=111463

For Alert Pay use this link: http://www.alertpay.com/?%2bpZkIQlzxSzMBXhfdP0Iiw%3d%3d
For e-gold go to http://e-gold.com

WARNING: When you click on the Join link you will be asked to buy an Ad Pack right away. They range from $10 to $50 so be clear on that first. Also makes sure that you choose the CORRECT Pay processor as the only way to correct that later on is to contact support and ask them to delete your account so you can start over. I made that mistake. But support got back to me within minutes. Am a happy camper.

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