Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Are you tired of all the hype as I am? Do you have to delete upwards of 100 e-mails a day? I am. And on top of that my junk filter captures an additional 300+ emails a day!

And all of those e-mails you get about some opp or other? You can spot that they are being insincere right off, at least I can. Why? Because they all start like a sales pitch. Instead of being personal. Instead of addressing my concerns directly.

You can tell when you are getting a personal e-mail. Can't you?

That's how I can spot those e-mails from my readers that are honest inquiries or comments. They are not composed. They are not slick. They address me in the first person and directly. They mention my name. They are frank. They are not trying to push something. See the difference?

So that's what you need to do to be more successful at recruiting folks. The e-mails or adverts that you will compose will have to be as personal as possible. Don't write an e-mail that addresses anyone in particular, or the crowd.

Write one that seems as personal as possible. And make it into an editorial. Not a sales letter. Pretend you are writing an editorial review of the opportunity you are wanting them to join (secretly). Truly review it! That's what folks want to see! They DON'T want a sales letter. Sales letters get the DELete trigger finger! And right away.

Then there are those folks on the 'net that send you an e-mail every friggin' day! Sure some of what they say is maybe useful, but to get an e-mail every single day? That just trains me to hit that DEL button on every single post from them! Am sure it's true for you as well!

I've even started to unsubscribe from many of those so-called Internet Gurus! Most of which are not!

Well, enough of my griping for today! Enjoy your day!


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